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Monday, March 28, 2011


Hi, My oh my, I have not written on my blog for quite some time.   But I have been busy!  In the next few days, I will post pictures of all my recent finished quilts ( and there are quite a few).   But for now, I would like to tell you about my new Quiltalong.   I recently tried to do a bit of scrap management and I realized how many 2 1/2'' strips I have!   Pastels,  fall , Christmas, kid`s novelty, bright, dots, stripes, plaids, flowers, tone on tones, batiks, and the list goes on and on... these strips are at least 8'' long, and most of them are from selvadge to selvadge.   Here is the picture of one of my bins of 2 1/2'' strips, the largest one...  I put a measuring tape on top so you could relate to the size of the bin.   I will NEVER sew all of these strips in my entire lifetime.  But I will try to make a dent in it once in a while.

What I do every day that I sew, is that I pick two fabrics and cut three 8in(approx)  strips out of each.

Then I make two strip sets like this:

I subcut the strip sets in 2 1/2'' cuts:

And then I sew them back together to make two nine-patches, one the opposite of the other:

It takes about 10 minutes two make the two, and then I put them aside in a small bin.   I have been doing this for about three weeks now.   I counted them tonight and I already have 42 of these little buggers done!   Now here`s the challenge:   Anyone who wants to join me in making these little patches is more than welcome!   Wouldn`t it be great to see what everyone does with 100 or so of these?   How would you sew them together????   The possibilities are endless:   Here is one way I thought I could set them.    When you put them one above the other, it makes for a nice rectangle that could be set with sashing and a cornerstone:

Or I could always sew them this way with sashing and a cornerstone (or not):

Or how about set on point with a background fabric for the squares and the set-in triangles:

Or I could make it completly scrappy and just sew one nine-patch alongside another randomly.   There would be no need to add yardage...  What would you do with a whole pile of scrappy nine-patches??????
If you care to join me in this little quiltalong, please leave a comment.   I would love to know who is in with me....

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