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Friday, December 31, 2010

Interested in scrap quilts?

A lot of quilters think scrap quilts are too busy or are not organized... a scrappy quilt can be organized!   This quilt for instance,  which I made for my granddaughter, is strictly made of bright fabric.   You will also notice that if the background square is busy, the flower applique is more tone on tone and vice versa.   Note also that the wavy edge softens the black inner border and binding.   The quilt was especially  made for a 4-year-old.   She loves it by the way!

This one is of my own design.  I was watching a Montreal Canadians hockey game last winter and the coach had this tie that caught my attention.   It looked like layered bricks made with squares instead of rectangles.   I thought wow, wouldn't that look great in a quilt.   And then I thought it would look good scrappy but in order to use up as many scraps as possible, the squares will be made up of nine patches.  I sat down and proceeded to draft  the design idea, (missed the rest of the darn hockey game  and in the next few weeks I made this quilt.

Now I just love this one!  I saw the picture of a similar quilt on the internet and decided I could make this quilt in fall colors.   Autumn is my favorite fabric color.  So last May, two of  my girfriends,  Rejeanne and Pauline, and I got together in Rejeanne's garage and we quilted for two days straight.   It was almost like a retreat... I started sewing this quilt all made out of scrappy fall colored 2 1/2" strips and was really inspired to finish it.   (It is queen size)  But then I had to take a break from quilting because I had carpal tunnel surgery and also, my Mom was in the hopital for 6 months during that time.   (She passed away on July 15th).   When I started to quilt again, this was the quilt I worked on until it was done.   I quilted it on my HQ16.

This one is just a good old-fashioned string quilt.   I sewed on a piece of newspaper with scrap strips in assorted widths and colors and then squared up rectangles and sewed them together.   I thought it would use up a lot of scraps from my scrap baskets... I know this will sound crazy but I think the scrap pile did not shrink... in fact I think the scraps multiplied!   I will probably give this quilt to my son for his camping trips.

This is a beautiful quilt isn't it?   Well, I must admit it is not mine.  It is my sister Suzanne's  but I quilted it!  She used fabric from her scrap stash  and it turned out just beautiful.

Thursday, December 30, 2010